Friday, January 24, 2014


Jingle is already up to his antics.  He took one of the decorate sleighs for a ride around the living room with Max's lightening McQueen cars at the reigns.  Tire marks everywhere...

** Then the next day he got in a snowball (marshmallow) fight with the Ninjago dragon guy.  Silly Jingle!

**  Max got to be Bill Gates for the 3rd grade Wax Museum...he did a fabulous job!!  Hope this is a predictor of his future income. :)

** Sam had his Christmas program at St. John.  I think this is the first year he actually sang and didn't cry...progress!!

** Sam is the 2nd Koceich who was blessed to Have Ms. Joan.  We love our Ms. Joan!

**  That night Icemaggedon hit the metroplex!!  I LOVE snow (er, ice) days!!!  So much fun to have an excuse to just hang out and play with my crew!  No to do list, no place to go...just fun!!!

** I love how easily amused my crew is!!  Making memories!!

*  gotta love the plastic glove on Sam's hands.  Hey, you do what you gotta do to keep your hands dry!

* Madison's Olaf the snowman!

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