Saturday, August 3, 2013


And just like that we are sliding into August!  Ugh! 

We had another busy and fun-filled week.  Trying our best to enjoy our last few weeks of summer!

We got the girls some duct tape and a book on fun things to create with it (we are showing up to that party way late).  I think they did an awesome job on their first creation.  I think I better keep an eye on what they create...I saw an old chair that was duct-tape enhanced in that book.  hmmmm...

We've been wanting to check out a drive in movie that is about 45 minutes away. None of us had ever been to a drive-in movie before! It was LOTS of fun!! I think the kids saw their first lightening bugs too. Max said, "mommy...I saw a little flash in the sky, I think it might be lightening." sooo cute!!
* drive-ins start late. They were wiped out on the way home!! The next day we made a trip to Carrollton to visit a friend's office. Our friends, the Porters, lead our mission team to Ethiopia last year and they printed several of my images really large to decorate their offices (these are just a few)!! It was SOOOO fun to see my images that big!! And, of course, made me miss Ethiopia!! A year is too long to be away from our second home!
* the kids looked so cute around the big meeting room table. Love the look on Matt's face. I think it was pretending to be a big executive! :)
* after visiting the offices we checked out a local grill for lunch! Fun little spot! (after a late night at the drive-in the night before, Sam is less than amused. This picture is after having to sit outside in the heat with him for a good portion of our lunch time so he could melt down. Pour little guy!
* on the way home Wednesday night Madison and I began our purity retreat. Our sweet friends, the Burks, were out of town and offered for us to stay in their home. What a huge blessing. If you haven't heard of Passport to Purity by Family Life for your preteen, you need to check it out. I wish I had done the retreat with Madison when she was 12, or even 11. But, it was soooo good!! It was an investment of time that will reap eternal benefits!! It was such a sweet time growing closer to Madison and the two of us growing closer to God together. I can see Him already working through her life in amazing ways. She has such a mature grasp on Truth and she loves others with such genuine humility.
* snacks that are usually off limits are a must!!!
* Matt bought Madison flowers and left them and a note telling her how proud he was of her at the house for us to discover.
* we did several fun activities that tied back to important life-lessons. Really a fun time!!!
* we were supposed to soak a match in water and try to light it. And it wasn't supposed to light, but even after three tries, these matches would still light. So, if you need some really good matches, buy these!! (but don't buy them for the retreat because they won't help you prove your point...LOL) We also got to have a good amount of free time to just relax and enjoy time being silly and having fun together. We swam, went to Mardel to get a study bible for Madison and Barnes and Noble to buy her a book (her love language) then enjoyed the most amazing meal (and smoothies) at Mimi's café. We ended the night with a few games of Scrabble and LOTS of belly laughs!! I will always cherish this special weekend with my girl!!!!
After heading home early Friday afternoon we headed to Waco with Nani and Aunt Susie to visit Granddaddy for his 93rd birthday. He is amazing. Still living on his own!!

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