Saturday, August 10, 2013


I get an A+ for taking pictures of our summer.  I usually stress over putting unedited/imperfect pictures on the blog.  I have graduated from that silliness and am happy now imperfectly posting our imperfect life!  Shew...that feels so much better!

And, guess what, another busy, busy week! 

Max left on Sunday for his vacation with Nani.  They took the Megabus to San Antonio and had a great five days enjoying Sea World, Fiesta Texas, the River Walk and Children's Museum. 

It's only taken us 10 years in this house to finally buy hardware for the kitchen cabinets and drawers. Love how they look...and Daddy used a power tool...this is momentous!
On Tuesday the girls and I met our close friends for an adoption mommas lunch. So sad these friends aren't closer so we can hang out more often, but I treasure the times we do have together!!

On Wednesday the beautiful Burks girls came over for a play date, which included fun time in the trampoline, playing the kid's cardboard arcade, making duct tape flip flops and splashing in the play pool before lunch and movie time! It was soooo much fun!! We count our blessing every time we get to enjoy the Burk's family...SOOOOO BLESSED to have them in our lives!!!
** my camera can not stop taking pictures of these two...they are SOOOO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!
* apparently this is Super Sam the sticker hero!
I didn't realize how much Sam would miss his big brother! He was all about phone calls from Max!!
We had a packed day on Thursday. We started at Walmart buying school supplies for Max and Abby, then headed to Alley Cats to make good use of our free summer passes and then enjoyed lunch at Chilis before picking Max and Nani up at the train station.
* one thing this girl doesn't lack, is enthusiasm!

Friday my friend and I had a garage sale at her house. We called it a flash garage sale. We didn't do much prep (see, just like this blog I'm slowly learning to put my away my perfectionism a little at a time). We just laid stuff out and quoted prices as we went. It was a busy morning, but doing a garage sale with a friend is so much more fun!! After dropping some things off at the pregnancy center and unloading some things I want to save for the next garage sale it was time to get ready for homegroup. Our sweet friends from church had this amazing blow up water slide/pool/basketball hoop. They were done with it and graciously gave it to us. Such a blessing! So, we hosted HG this week, blew up the slide, pulled the grill into the drive way and roasted hot dogs and fellowshipped. Great fun!! Hopefully we can get some neighbors to join us too next time! :)

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