Friday, August 30, 2013


The first week of school is never fun!!  The big kids are tired from going and going all day and not sleeping well at night from nerves/full minds, and Sam is a mess because he is home all day with boring mommy and no siblings to play with.  Thankfully Sam starts school next week (hallelujah, amen) and we will, hopefully, all be in more of a comfortable routine! 

Abby started back up with gymnastics this week and Max's baseball games start up next week.  We had a swim parent meet, an AP Human Geography meeting (I had no idea Madison could possibly get college credit from this class...woo hoo) and Open House for Sam.  It's been go, go, go! 

Unlike the summer, I didn't do a good job of picking up my camera, but I did get a few fun first day of school photos...

*and, of course, one with brother

* and she's off...

Normally, Madison would be bussed to the Natatorium for swim at the end of the day and then Matt would pick her up on his way home. But, the first week they just stayed at the school, so I got to pick her up this week!
* I was trying to be incognito! ;)

We picked Madison up at 2:55 and then Max and Abby's bus was supposed to get to our stop at 3:45. I knew it wouldn't be on time, especially the first day but we started watching for it then just in case! Well, it showed up at 4:35. That was a hot hour to be in and out of the house every few minutes in the 100 degree heat. But, it was worth it!
* waiting Matt got home just before the bus got there so after Sam ran into his arms, Madison thought she'd be funny and do the same. I didn't have my camera settings ready so the picture is blown...but hilarious!!!
Finally, the bus arrived and the Koceich family was reunited again. Hugs all around!!!

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