Friday, August 16, 2013


This week we celebrated our family August birthdays (Nani's and Max's on the 11th and Daddy's on the 20th) at Babes.  YUM!!!  I love celebrating family birthdays with everyone all together and Babe's is a great place to celebrate!!

* no Babe's dining experience is complete without a little hokey pokey...
* August babies in our family are not shy and insecure
* what is a visit to Babe's without checking on Uncle Bob!
* Abundantly blessed!!
* after dinner we tricked ourselves into thinking we had room left for froyo and stumbled upon these beautiful clouds!! A glimpse of the majesty of God!
*Max was indulged this week with extra spa treatments for free at his birthday haircut
* Blockus is one of our favorite games. :)

On Tuesday, Grandma and Grandpa took the big three on a safari, so we took advantage of some one on one time with Sam at our favorite breakfast place (Our Place) for a mickey mouse pancake!
On Wednesday we enjoyed an annual tradition of a back to school girls (mostly) lunch at the tea room. Love our community!
It almost looks like a winter wonderland (well, except for the bear with a cardinal on his nose, the midget Santa and the giant red price tags on the Christmas trees :) )
* Oh, how I LOVE this goofball!!
* On Thursday we loaded up the posse and headed to Madison's high school (ugh...still can't get used to that) to pick up her schedule! Then Thursday night Madison and I went to Fish Camp. At the end we took her map and scheduled and walked the path she'll walk every day this year. She has 9 classes, therefore, 8 passing periods. Three of her passing periods take her from one side of the massive school to the other. Shew...that was a work out!

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